Friday, September 25, 2015

.3 of Pound

I wish I could say life didn't happen to me over the summer BUT it did. I LOVED every minute of it.  My family went on our first cruise, it was a blast and the FOOD was AWESOME! I lived my life this summer and did not let the scale or life hold me hostage.

I have been thinking a lot lately about where I want my life to go and the directions I want it to start turning.  God has so many thing in store for us, I sometimes get overwhelmed with my blessings.  I want my life to be happy and carefree.  I want my life to be a positive role model for so many.

I often want to look at myself through others eyes. I want to see what they see.  If I have hurt someone I want to know why so I can correct it.

Life has so many factors :) What factors does my life say about me??

I did not own a scale till a few months ago.  I use to HATE, LOATHE, GET SICK when I thought about the scale.  Now, it is just a number, it is not a factor in determining ME! Anyways, I do weight myself and determine  the areas I need to work on! Today I got on the scale and noticed how close I was to breaking a goal number <-- the smile will not fade today! I am .3 of a pound of breaking the number.  At first my flesh said SIT ON THE TOILET, then I thought NO. Just as life has factors so does my weight.  I do not need to go beyond to lose the .3 of a pound.  I need to be CONSISTENT in what I know and what has worked for me. CONSISTENCY in my life change.  This factor made me happy and determined all in one second.  I will keep journaling my food, I will keep working out, I WILL CONTINUE TO STRIVE FOR THE RIGHT WAY NOT THE EASY WAY.

My life happened today and my life factors! I pray for discipline every day! I know that life happens and I know I will get down again about my weight but I also know I can make it through!

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